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Our Story for His Glory - The Journey

Dr. Martin was offered a position as the President/Chancellor of a Seminary and University in the Atlanta Georgia area.

The offer actually came twice. The first time the position was offered he declined. One year later it was proposed again. The offer consisted of a new job, a home, automobile and paid expenses. After prayer and careful consideration we accepted.

We were confident God's anointing was upon our decision to accept this offer. There were many confirmations concerning our new journey. 
On one occasion we were sitting in church and the Pastor asked, "who is believing God for a new home? Please stand." A few of us stood to our feet. The Pastor looked at us and said, I'm coming to your house warming party, even if it is in Georgia." We had not shared with anyone that we were going to Georgia.

A few months later on June 3, 2016 we were flown to Atlanta. We stayed at the Residence Inn in Buckhead for about thirty days.There was a delay with the funds.  Everything was on hold and we were out of our own money and our credit cards were beyond their limit. 
Dr. Martin called a Pastor friend who informed us that she had a Relocation home for Pastors. She picked us up July 3, 2016. We stated that we would only need to stay for about 2 weeks. Well, two weeks turned into six months and we were asked to leave. The funds we were expecting never arrived and the position promised was never fulfilled.

We had nowhere to go and no money. 
I was devastated and very disappointed. There were tears in my eyes almost everyday. However, we know God's hand is upon us and He will never leave us or forsake us. The word says, "I've never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed out begging for bread".

There were many occasions where the Lord showed up; too many to mention and not enough space to list them all. 

Thank you prayer family for the special love gifts extended when Dr. Martin reached out to you on our behalf. You were truly a blessing in our time of need. Also, a special thank you to Pat and Andrew Rodgers who graciously opened their home to us during my birthday and treated us so well. They knew something was not quite right with us. At that time it was difficult to share what we were going through. 
Our visit with them allowed us time to relax and shift our focus.

Special thanks to Pastor Avery who gave us that infamous speaking engagement that sent the wheels in motion the day we were asked to vacate the Relocation Home. 
The honorarium from that engagement allowed us to rent a hotel room and vehicle. 

Our faith never wavered, our prayers never ceased. God began to reveal the real purpose and plan for our journey to Atlanta.

 In the past two years the Lord has blessed us with a place to live, a vehicle and work to keep us going while we reach the next level of victory in our lives and ministry. 

This has been an incredible faith walk. We have had to live the life we preach about. 

As the journey continues you will have to wait until the book is finished to get the fullness of the absolute faithfulness of God in our lives. 

Faithful is He who has called us, and He will do it. 
1Thes 5:24

Pastor Delores