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Paul Anthony Thomas
11 months old giving God glory...singing, "Yes Lord"
What a testimony of raising a child in an atmosphere of praise, worship and love for God!
The prayer line is a blessing to me. When I first came on the prayer line I needed employment. Partor Martin prayed for me and the prayer family stood with me believing ; today I have two jobs. My life has changed for the better.Thank you Pastor Martin.
Edris Holland - Los angeles, CA.
Pastor Martin, I look forward to the prayer line everyday. One day I woke up late and thought I had missed prayer, but thank God the Holy Spirit woke me up in time to join in. My fanily has been truly blessed since joining the prayer line.
Pat Rodgers- Birmingham, Alabama
Pastor Martin I have new strength and faith since I have been a part of the prayer line. Your prayers and teaching of the word of God has really helped me. Praise God! Thank you Pastor Martin
Myrtle Chambers- Los Angeles, CA.